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Our Pergola Order Process

Needs Assessment

It all starts with a phone call, during which we listen and learn about your project. After gathering some basic details (e.g., size, options, attachments, etc.), we then provide a rough cost estimate. If the cost is within an acceptable range, the next step is to schedule a home visit.

During the home visit, we will inspect the site, gather more details, learn how you plan to utilize the space, explain all of your options, and answer any questions you may have. We will then offer some preliminary design ideas to make sure we are on the right track.

Our expert sales/design team members closely work with all clients to ensure that we not only meet but exceed all expectations.

patio furniture modern deck


During the design stage, we'll take all the information we collected in our Needs Assessment and use it to turn your vision into the design of your dreams. We’ll then share it with you as 3D illustrations or renderings, along with a detailed budget for the project. 

If you don't love the first design, we'll collaborate with you to make revisions until it’s perfect. 

Engineering Review

All StruXure pergolas are pre-engineered to meet rigorous standards that can handle just about everything nature can throw at them, including heavy snow loads to hurricane-force winds.

If your project requires a permit, we will have it reviewed by a licensed engineer. Once it gets approved, the plans will be stamped and ready to submit for a permit.

Stamped Plan_edited.jpg


If a permit is desired/required, our team can handle the entire permit application process. This includes securing the stamped plans, filling out all the necessary forms, submitting the application, and managing any questions that the planning/building department might have.

Material Production

Once we submit the order to the factory, your materials will be custom-made to the exact specifications of your design using a cutting-edge aluminum extrusion process. This process ensures that the materials meet the necessary strength requirements. 

 Every piece is then precision cut to the exact dimensions to avoid any possibility of error during installation. Once cut to size, each component will have a top-of-the-line powder coat finish applied to it to ensure a long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface.​

Lastly, the custom-cut components are carefully shrink-wrapped and crated for safe transport, along with all the hardware and electronics required to complete the installation.  


Meticulous Installation

Once the materials arrive at the installation site and are unpacked, it takes only a matter of days to install the complete pergola. 

But here is where real experience matters. Our team of licensed and certified contractors has been installing about one system per week for the last three years in virtually every possible configuration. That means we know our stuff! Every installation comes with extreme professionalism, experience, and expertise. There is no on-the-job learning with our people. Your job will be done right the first time, guaranteed!

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