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Pergola X

Unmatched functionality. Superior quality. State-of-the-art technology.

Say hello to the world's smartest pergola.

The Pergola X is the modern-day pergola that possesses the technology to pivot, close, and open seamlessly.

Available in 3 models
>Pivot 6
>Pivot 6 XL
>Pan 6

Pivot 6 free standing.jpg

Pivot 6 

The Pivot 6 is our most popular Pergola X model for homeowners.  Our uniquely designed louvers pivot to 170°, offering protection regardless of the sun's position. With a Pivot 6, you can control the amount of sun that permeates your space. Enjoy full sun, partial sun, or total shade.  And with the louvers closed, you’ll have a watertight roof to stay perfectly dry when it rains.

• Fully extruded aluminum construction

• Integrated 360 degree gutter system

• SOMFY operating system, motors and controllers

• 2×8 Frame

• 5½ inch Gutters

• 6x6 or 8x8 posts

Pivot 6 XL

Best reserved for commercial applications, the Pivot 6 XL was engineered to span further and handle three times more rainwater than our industry-leading Pivot 6 design. Models like the Pivot 6 XL are evidence of StruXure’s capacity to accommodate larger projects, making us the industry leader in commercial pergola design.

• 2" x 10" Frame
• 7½" inch Gutters

• 8x8 posts


Pan 6

Not all parts of the Pergola X need to be automated at all times. For this, we provide a fixed ceiling panel option that impeccably protects and integrates. The Pan 6 is ideal for bigger projects with numerous zones that allow users to alternate between pans and louvers.

Pan 6 -001.jpg

Unparalleled  Design

StruXure roof systems are designed and manufactured entirely in the USA. Our products are engineered to exceed all expectations and meet safety standards, including stringent  earthquake and hurricane codes.

The Smart Motor drive system that powers our designs are American-made and CE and UL-certified.

Plus, each StruXure system is made-to-order according to the exact specifications of the project. This results in a better fit and finished product every time.

Our goal is to make the strongest, most durable louvered roof systems available on the market today. The StruXure Pivot 6 delivers a higher quality product because our customers expect and deserve the best.


A variety of colors, materials and finishes are available to compliment any architectural style.



The best designs are the ones that meet your exact requirements, however eccentric, unusual, or even demanding they may be. Here are just some of the options we offer:

  • Six standard colors

  • Thousands of custom colors

  • Ceiling Fans

  • LED and Accent Lighting

  • Gas or Electric Heaters

  • Pergola ends

  • Cornice tops

  • Post caps and bottoms

  • Curtains

  • Privacy Walls

  • WIFI connectivity

  • Smartphone App

  • Sound Systems

  • TV Monitors


The patented StruXure Pivot system has an entire complement of advanced technology both within the system and to drive the operational controls. Everything is made to work in unison. The result is a dynamic connection and fingertip control of your outdoor space.


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