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Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2011, StruXure was the product of a vision from CEO and Chief Product Architect Scott Selzer. At the time, Seltzer was a full-time middle-school teacher with a part-time remodeling business. He regularly worked with clients looking to improve their outdoor living spaces by adding pergolas to them. When Selzer couldn’t find the high-quality pivoting louvered-roof structure his clients wanted, he did what any innovative entrepreneur would do: he designed one himself. Little did he know, he’d started a journey that would lead to one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

In 2016, steady growth piqued interest & attracted top talent that led StruXure to open a cutting-edge manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in northern Atlanta, GA. In 2017, the company added a West Coast fulfillment center and showroom just outside of Las Vegas, NV into the mix. 

What began with an idea to design a better pergola grew to produce the best, often-copied-but-never-duplicated pergola product the industry has seen.

BlueSky Outdoor joined the team in 2018 as one of the first dealers on the West Coast. Since then, BlueSky has become the largest and most experienced dealer in Northern California.

The StruXure Difference

StruXure stands out from the competition for our quality, integration, and commitment. There are 5 core pillars of how we operate that make us the best in the louvered roof business. 

Fully Extruded Aluminum components

Every major component of the StruXure pergolas is produced from fully extruded aluminum. This is in contrast to the cheaper, roll-formed aluminum utilized by many of our competitors.  Extruded aluminum contains a higher tensile strength and allows for a firmer system with prolonged spans without deflection.


Patented Interlocking Louver Design

We patented and engineered the best louver design available in today’s market. This patented interlocking louver design delivers a superior performance, especially in rainy conditions. The unique ability to prevent dripping between the louvers has made StruXure the company of choice for country clubs, restaurants, resorts, and hotels, as they simply cannot afford to compromise on their patrons’ comfort.


360◦Integrated Gutter System

Every system consists of a fully extruded 5½” gutter system that covers the perimeter of all zones. This allows for greater water management. We use our posts as downspouts to deliver a minimalist and clean look. No system handles water and rain better than a StruXure.

  • We revolutionized the gutter corner connector system with the development of a patented “pass-through” gutter system.

  • Our 7” commercial gutter system has a 4” lip to handle three times the water as our standard gutter.


Premium Powder Coating Process

The standard powder coating process is insufficient for holding up in environmental conditions like saltwater air, chlorine, sun, rain, etc. To combat this, we decided to go with a more extensive pre-treat process & premium powder coat finish referred to as PPG 2604. This is now standard on every one of our components.

  • PPG 2604 requires several pre-treat steps. You’ll instantly see why this investment is worth it, both now and in the long run. Our goal is always to provide our customers with a better, longer lasting finish.


We Stand Behind Every Product

Our long-standing practice of creating products that perform year after year allow us to offer one of the industry’s best warranties. Rest easy knowing you have a secure roof over your head and a warranty to support it.

Interlocking Louvers

Let's Work Together

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