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The 4 Best Pergola Ideas for Small Patios


Homes of all sizes and layouts can upgrade their outdoor living space with the right structures in place. If you want to improve the outdoor experience of your backyard but don’t have a ton of square footage to work with, you might be interested in exploring a few pergola ideas for a small patio. Different types of pergolas can significantly enhance the entertainment value of your patio and improve its aesthetics at the same time. Read on for pergola ideas for small patio living.

Install a Pergola with LED Lights

Why clutter up your outdoor living space with a lamp when you can incorporate LED lights into your pergola? These lights are economical, they can last for years to come, and will provide sufficient ambient light to help you relax in the company of your friends and family members. You can even control the lights with a wireless remote.

Bring an Electric or Gas Heater into the Space

One of the best small patio pergola ideas is to have an incorporated electric or gas heater that will keep you warm during chilly autumn evenings. This heater can be adjusted according to your own preferences and it can create a pocket of warmth in your cozy patio, so you can continue to enjoy additional time outside in the evenings.

Get a Pergola with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Equip your small patio pergola with the right technology by being "smart" with Wi-Fi connectivity. Make the most of your space with wireless connections to create an outdoor entertainment system that is truly integrated and unique. This is ideal for outdoor movie nights, playing music, or and setting up the My Link™ control system for seamless integration with home automation.

Enable an Integrated Sound System in Your Pergola

This pergola feature for a small patio is regularly requested by countless clients. With the right Wi-Fi connectivity in place, you can create a high-quality sound system that delivers the exact ambiance you’re looking for in your outdoor living space.

Control speakers with a wireless remote or Bluetooth connectivity and become your very own DJ for the evening. Small speakers can also be installed in various corners of your patio or they can also be integrated into the pergola itself.

At StruXure by BlueSky, we strive to provide our clients with fully-customized aluminum pergolas that are designed to elevate their standards of living. Our customizable solutions can be adjusted to meet the configuration and layout of your space, regardless of how big or small the patio is that you’re working with. Go as small as 10x10 without ever sacrificing quality.

Are you interested in learning more about pergola ideas for small patios? Contact StruXure by BlueSky today. Give us a call (650-888-3318) or fill out our form and we’ll have one of our team members reach out to you.


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